Giulia Vallone


Giulia Vallone graduated as Architect from Palermo University in 2000, spending the next 23 years working for Irish Local Government in urbanism and co-design processes. In the role of Town Architect, for Cork County towns, her people-centred designs brought a holistic approach to all components of urban space, with the added value of integrating strong architectural place-making outcomes to engineering and transport infrastructure projects. Giulia’s commitment to inclusive, sustainable and high-quality, crafted environments is recognised through the multitude of design awards she has received in her career thus far. With a national reputation as a change maker, her focus is to deliver transformational visions, through innovated designs for resilient and beautiful urban places that inspire community pride and civic stewardship. She is regular keynote speaker and most recently addressed an Oireachtas Committee on Urban Regeneration. Giulia is a member of the RIAI taskforce on urban design and RIAI Council. She joined Arup in November 2023 to contribute to a wider diversity of projects towards a better sustainable urban future.

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