Making In /23

2 September 2023

Making In is an annual gathering of makers — a one-day series of unique conversations and debates that celebrates and explores making as a way of thinking, exploring, expressing and imagining.

This year’s theme, Concert, will consider the concerted and collaborative effort of making across craft, art, design and architecture as well as the shared human side of making and its relationship with performance.

Making In is moderated by Glenn Adamson and hosted by Joseph Walsh Studio at Fartha, County Cork, Ireland.

Explore the Makers participating in Making In /23

Kan Yasuda, Pasquale Marinelli Pontificia Fonderia Marinelli, Sheila O’Donnell & John Tuomey O'Donnell + Tuomey, Cloé Pitiot Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Teddy Abrams, Raymund Ryan, Kimmo Lintula K2S Architects, Katherine Boucher Beug, Martin Hayes, Mario Sierra & Karen Hay-Edie Mourne Textiles, Rory O’Connell

Making is often seen as an individual pursuit, expressive of one person’s unique vision. But some of the most inspiring forms of making are actually collective undertakings.

This year, we’ll reflect on these group dynamics. How do people work together, with a common sense of purpose, to achieve great things? How is individual authorship shaped and extended in the process? What is the impact of new technologies on shared work? To explore these questions, we’ll be looking for the first time in the series at performance disciplines, like dance and music, which are among the most sophisticated forms of collaborative artistry. Craft workshops, too, have their own choreography.

Join us for a rich conversation about the possibilities of conversation itself.

Making In is a non-profit cultural programme enabled by a global community's generous time and shared passion for making.

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