Shuji Nakagawa


Nakagawa Mokkougei represents the fine tradition of Kyoto wood crafting where time-honoured skills are passed on from father to son. Shuji Nakagawa is the third-generation of Nakagawa Mokkougei. In 2001, his father, Kiyotsugu, was recognized for his commitment to Japanese design heritage. In his work, Shuji Nakagawa seeks to expand the possibility of traditional Japanese wooden buckets, retaining previous structures, while adapting the design and usage to suit modern everyday life. In addition, he has collaborated with renowned designers to create new highly acclaimed pieces such as champagne coolers and stools.  In addition to designing everyday objects, he also collaborates with contemporary artists such as Hiroshi Suigimoto. This has resulted in wooden buckets as art pieces, which have been exhibited in New York and London. These collaborations have allowed Shuji to show another side of himself, that of sculptor. Shuji Nakagawa’s Champagne Cooler Konoha was selected by Dom Perignon as its official champagne cooler while Big Trays of Parquetry was a finalist for the 2017 Loewe Craft Prize. In 2016 Ki-oke Stool was acquired by the V&A museum in London; the following year it was acquired by Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.

Shuji Nakagawa has also contributed in Making In /18.

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