Making In /22 Time




2022’s theme, Time, considered the concerted and collaborative effort of making across craft, art, design and architecture as well as the time to make and the time to appreciate making; the timelessness of quality and the relationships that endure through time and the process of craftsmanship.

Making In /22 was moderated by Glenn Adamson and hosted by Joseph Walsh Studio in Fartha, County Cork, Ireland.

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Tod Williams & Billie Tsien Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects, Mira Nakashima George Nakashima Woodworkers, Tord Boontje, Peter Lane, Nigel Peake, Jorge Pardo, Sheila O'Donnell & John Tuomey O'Donnell + Tuomey Architects, Satoru Ozaki, Imogen Stuart, Philip Treacy

"What is the principal medium for making? One might say materials - wood, clay, metal, fiber - substances that can be shaped through skill. Then there are tools, finely tuned to the job at hand. Yet, even more fundamentally, making happens in time. Every moment, in a creative process, requires groundedness in the present, which is also a meeting-point between past andfuture. In making, the possibilities of tradition are rethought and transformed.

In this edition of Making In, we'll be reflecting on these temporal dynamics. We'll talk about the specific conditions of 2022 - what it means to make today - but also think about the long arc of craft, an essential human capability that hasdeveloped over many centuries. In this sense, making is also timeless. It is something to hold for a while, and then pass on, potentially to the distant future."

- Glenn Adamson, Moderator Making In /22

Making In is a non-profit cultural programme enabled by a global community's generous time and shared passion for making.

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