Anike Tyrrell


Anike Tyrrell’s work has been dedicated to setting up communities and networks that allow individual projects thrive against a background of communal effort and support. She established J. HILL’s Standard as a response to the loss of hand-making skills in the glass industry in the region of Waterford and beyond. J. HILL's Standard is a maker of contemporary cut crystal, crafted by hand using knowledge and skill passed down through generations of craftsmen. The studio takes its name from John Hill, an 18th Century glass alchemist and innovator, credited with revolutionising the production of cut crystal in Ireland and with setting a new standard of quality and material perfection. This legacy of innovation and commitment to creativity is the inspiration for J. HILL’s Standard’s new and original collections of handmade Irish cut crystal. Working with talented designers to create cut crystal objects that are honest, functional and beautiful, their products are a celebration of the progressive and the handmade. Working with master craftsmen and an international resource of designers, J. HILL’s Standard deliver rare and singular handcrafted objects. In their hands this centuries-old craft becomes vital and relevant once again.

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